Dealing with the drama monster.

Several months ago I read some superb teachings by Deepak Chopra, which said we need not ever defend our thoughts or beliefs, but when challenged, simply say, “is that so?” Later, when conversing with Jesus on another matter entirely, the Lord gently reminded me, “Yeah, so I’m into that too. It’s called turning the other […]

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Bound and hobbled in the dark; the lie of fear-based thinking.

Fear. It’s got nothing for us, it’s got nothing on us. The Bible tells us to fear not. Says that perfect love casts out all fear. We know fear twists and stunts and drives us hobbled and naked into the darkness. Fear is dysfunction, it’s paralysis, it’s toxic and its debilitating. And yet, a great […]

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Let your self do the rest.

We think of letting go and releasing as energizing, as an act of literally “enlightening”. We may believe giving up and surrendering of something or some way of being will make us feel more awake. And sometimes it does. But sometimes, when the carrying has been very long and very ingrained, when the holding on […]

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