When Things Happen Through You, Not To You

Each time we endure and survive a difficult time, be it mental, emotional or physical, we learn to a deeper level exactly how much the dross and periphery of living

Ephipany ||

They huddle in their temples with the doors closed tight waiting for the wind to rush in the tongues of fire to fall the spirit to descend and burn up


I have reason to believe We are moving quickly at this moment Into the next stage of the birth Of the manifest Church on earth And, as ever It is

Live in your imagination

If you find yourself obsessing about an old hurt or offence, perhaps it's because you're not immersed in something you love to do right now in the present. (more…)

Out there.

Artists and the art they make are often criticised as being “out there”, as something too lofty and ephemeral for the regular human being, as if creating and creativity were
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