Seeking The Place, whilst The Place seeks us, Part 2

Last night, as I rested my head on Ben’s shoulder, I said, “I am there again.” “Where again?” he replied. “You remember about ten years ago, when we were being really pushed in on all sides, and we didn’t know how to move forward, and it was such a huge faith thing, and I said […]

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Do Awesome, Broken.

Not perfect. Not even close. Not given up. Trying to be better every day. Not the strongest. But stronger, and this is a good thing. Not completely knowing what I’m doing. But out there, having a go at everything that comes my way. Confidence is everything. Not never blowing it. Doing that still sometimes. Nothing […]

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The school of courage is out here, in the wild.

There’s an illusion which says when we are in the place we are meant to be, the healthiest place, the place God has for us, we will feel no fear. We will always feel in control. We will be surrounded by safety and certainty and the path will be clear. In this way, we are […]

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