Haunted Forest

At Home In the Wilderness – What happens when Jesus leads you out of, not into, Church

I am a Christian, if being a Christian means one who undertakes a spiritual journey with Christ. But we no longer go to organised church,  instead we occupy and visit with others on a similar Christ pursuit in safe spaces in the “wilderness”. I facilitate a Facebook group called Free-range Christians as a resting and […]

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fallen angel

The Rain Bird

I once lived in a house surrounded on three sides by beautiful Australian bush; silvery eucalyptus trees, wattle with fluffy yellow flower balls, wild redgums, stringy barks and she-oaks. And birds; rainforest varieties mostly, but the ubiquitous magpies and currawongs. Indian mynas, whipbirds and bellbirds too. One morning, I was drawn outside by an unusual […]

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