The Book Of the Brave. No more criticising.

Out here in the wilds, you no longer have the luxury of criticising and rationalising. You need your mind and energy for other things. When you are sleighted or injured, when you’re lied about, distrusted or abandoned, you do not make yourself the victim. Don’t compose and rehearse long diatribes defending your actions, or criticising […]

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The Book Of The Brave. You Don’t Need Permission.

You don’t need permission. You don’t need permission to leave the tribe. Any more than you needed permission to go there in the first place. You don’t need permission to stay home, or to go out. You don’t need permission to start a book, a relationship, a church, a retreat, a family, or all kinds […]

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The Book Of the Brave. The Lie.

So what is the lie? What is the deep untruth that began with the shaming of your body, the quelling of your curiosity and creativity, and the undermining of your courage? What really happened when they convinced you shame was more appropriate for you than freedom and courage and authenticity? What occurred in those moments […]

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