Girl with lamp on country side road.

What Happens When The Broken Become Wild.

Sometimes, when people have had to become very wise very early in life, when they’ve had to grow up quickly, or make themselves into a partner or a parent when they were not quite finished being childish or gotten to spend much time alone, they might go a little off the rails later on. When […]

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podniebne ogrody

You Belong In The Wilds.

This is what I know. Life in the wilds offers us not exposure, rejection and confusion, but confidence, self-direction, autonomy, and independence. You are not going out – you are coming in. You will not be alone. You’ll need to learn to become self-directed, but you will not be bereft of company, or support, or […]

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Kobieta z miniaturowym drzewem na rku

Your True Names.

Where are your names, dear one? What are your true names? Do you know them? Can you remember them? Are they spoken proudly on your lips, written across your forehead, held in your hands like swords and shields, hung around your neck like an amulet, a symbol of power and identity and self? Or are […]

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Trust You. God Does.

Why don’t you listen to your own good heart? Why don’t you wrap your arms around yourself and soothe your troubled soul? Why don’t you give your power to yourself, and not to others? Why don’t you acknowledge those feelings as visitors, as mirrors, as signs of life? Why don’t you treasure your intuition? Why […]

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