I have reason to believe
We are moving quickly at this moment
Into the next stage of the birth
Of the manifest Church on earth

And, as ever
It is being seen, experienced
And foretold
Through the broken hearts
Of women

As above, so below
On earth, as it is in heaven

Your birthing pains are not in vain
Your confinement is almost at an end
Epiphany approaches now
As quickly as the rising sun climbs
Towards the highest part of the sky

So do not let your sadness overtake you
Or let your memories steal your hope
You are the Mother of Christ
See now, the child of peace will soon lay in your arms
Take up your place, wise one
Gather the children around you, and whisper your words in their ears
Send them out to the furthest places in the earth
Let your love be the love of letting go
Of scattering seed to the winds, rather than building walls around gardens,
Of empire breaking, rather than empire building
Of making sisters and brothers, rather than making slaves and servants
The time of the Mother is upon us
And the new Church will indeed be birthed
And not built
For a house made by the hands of men is a no fitting home for the Spirit of God
Rather, She longs to dwell in the divine, transient ephemera of flesh
So She can live and move and have Her being

Behold, you are a holy place
Your heart, woman, is a receptacle of grace
It has been broken by the world, by grief, by death
But from it flows all things God would give
This broken world, this
Beautiful, perfect, magnificent world

It is you, woman
Chosen, known, seen
Anointed and appointed
Who will bear forth the coming
Of the new Christ
For your heart
Your broken, beautiful heart
Is that most Holy place
From which the New Church
Will be born.

(Jo Hilder ©)

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