An Open Letter To The Patriarchy

An open letter to the patriarchy.

You may indeed rise to positions and to podiums, assuming government and presuming the acquiescence of the people. But know this – when it comes to true power, our power comes from within. Without us, without the illusion you perpetuate and our subscription to it, neither the position nor the podium you love and crave so much would even exist. Your foundations, your walls, and your weapons are mere constructs, ideas. Know this. Your imagined divisions and separations do not interest or beguile all of us. We do not subscribe to your personal fears, and we do not cower from your particular nightmares. This fantasy of “us and them” you hold to so fiercely is a relic, an artefact of a time that wasn’t better or “greater” as you love to claim. Your nostalgia for an historical dark age of cultural and political hegemony is repellant, your naivety in the face of your own prejudices alarming. You are yourself a relic of an era and culture where money was power, and power was control, and fame and stuff were everything, and we were supposed to want these things and those who had them were our champions who earned the right through brutish force to lead us. You are a literal caricature of a dark time and dysfunctional system in which prejudice, discrimination, ridicule, bullying, oppression, violence and abuse were considered acceptable social behaviour for civilised, sophisticated, evolved human beings. But you have been so busy tending your vast, meglomaniacal fields of narcissism you failed to notice the market for your vile seed of greed and patriarchy and empire was shrinking, year by year. Hear me, fool. You have reaped everything you’ve ever sown in a huge ditch effort to gain this last bastion of what you perceive to be ultimate power, and you’ve nothing left now but a great, sliding pile of yourself, bereft of boundaries and lacking the necessary discretion and knowledge required to do the job. You have all the power and position you’ve ever craved, and yet, you still do not have our respect, or our loyalty, or, most importantly, our trust. And so it would seem you do not have much power at all. The power lies where it always did. With, and within, us. And once your slippery heap has blown away, we who seeded long ago, who know how to wait and who do not need fear, power, separation or walls to grow and thrive, will unite and self-govern and get along and know peace and prosperity, and we will begin to rise. In fact, as you descend now, flaming out like a rocket having expended all its fuel reaching the stratosphere, we are, even now, beginning to rise.

Jo Hilder
Earth Citizen

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