Ephipany ||

They huddle in their temples with the doors closed tight
waiting for the wind to rush in
the tongues of fire to fall
the spirit to descend and burn up all their enemies
To make them kings and emperors
And show the world how good it is
To be a friend of god

But the Spirit is alive and moving
She seeks the heart that’s broken
The hands that are open
She seeks the place of healing
She chooses there to do her work
And bring revival

No crown or wall
Or name or tribe
can give the wounded soul
What life the Spirit can
She salves and soothes
She sews, she sings
And only those
Rent by grief, by pain
By loss, by death
By rejection, by abuse
By oppression
Can even recognise
Her most gentle touch

They said we would know the Spirit
Because she would come in the light
But those of us who dwelt in darkness
Who were made to live there
Who chose it
Who fell there
Who went there for the sake of another
Know, we know
The Spirit is found in the darkness
Close to the precipice of death itself
And once we have known her
We recognise her always

The Spirit is bringing
All that was in darkness into the light
She is exposing not the wounds, or the wounded
But those that wounded
She is flinging open the doors to the temples
Not to bring tongues of fire
But to bring the light of reckoning
Those who have kept the courts closed
To all except the judges and the scholars
Who swept the steps to remove the beggars and the broken
Will themselves be swept down
Their robes will not cover them
Their names will not excuse them
All will be seen and heard
As the Spirit begins to give witness

And there will be mercy
Always, mercy

The new spiritual emergence is upon us
And it is coming not from within temples with closed doors
But from the wilderness camps and gathering places
Christ walks out on the path
And those who walk
Those who wake
They will see the New Consciousness
And come home.

(Jo Hilder ©)
– image source: unknown


I have reason to believe
We are moving quickly at this moment
Into the next stage of the birth
Of the manifest Church on earth

And, as ever
It is being seen, experienced
And foretold
Through the broken hearts
Of women

As above, so below
On earth, as it is in heaven

Your birthing pains are not in vain
Your confinement is almost at an end
Epiphany approaches now
As quickly as the rising sun climbs
Towards the highest part of the sky

So do not let your sadness overtake you
Or let your memories steal your hope
You are the Mother of Christ
See now, the child of peace will soon lay in your arms
Take up your place, wise one
Gather the children around you, and whisper your words in their ears
Send them out to the furthest places in the earth
Let your love be the love of letting go
Of scattering seed to the winds, rather than building walls around gardens,
Of empire breaking, rather than empire building
Of making sisters and brothers, rather than making slaves and servants
The time of the Mother is upon us
And the new Church will indeed be birthed
And not built
For a house made by the hands of men is a no fitting home for the Spirit of God
Rather, She longs to dwell in the divine, transient ephemera of flesh
So She can live and move and have Her being

Behold, you are a holy place
Your heart, woman, is a receptacle of grace
It has been broken by the world, by grief, by death
But from it flows all things God would give
This broken world, this
Beautiful, perfect, magnificent world

It is you, woman
Chosen, known, seen
Anointed and appointed
Who will bear forth the coming
Of the new Christ
For your heart
Your broken, beautiful heart
Is that most Holy place
From which the New Church
Will be born.

(Jo Hilder ©)

Young Australian Parent, Don’t Let Them Scare You Into A No Vote.

Dear young Australian parent,

Here we are, all about to choose yes or no on a legislation which will impact our children’s generation in ways we can only begin to understand. For many of our generation, the idea that a great many of us are gay is still difficult to accept, let alone that our children may be as well. You may have deeply held convictions and beliefs about what homosexuality is and is not, and what ought to be done about it. We enjoy the privilege of living in a nation where we’re are free to have our beliefs, whatever they are. And I’m not going to try and change them, even if I disagree with them.

But as we move towards this plebiscite on marriage equality they say we must have, I feel as an older women and mother of four it’s my responsibility to drop some wisdom I’ve learned. And I’ll cut to the chase. Whatever your beliefs, dear one, your child may not grow up to share them. And if you love them, want them to be healthy and free, you’ll let them believe their own beliefs, and you won’t take it personally or as a sign of failure if they don’t share yours.

Secondly, as much as this may alarm you, a good many of us are parenting children with a sexual identity we may not understand, like or even believe exists. As they grow, their explorations and questions about that sexual identity will confront us in many ways. And many parents whose own beliefs about sexual and gender identity are underpinned by fear or confusion may project this onto their children, and the child becomes just one more source of fear and confusion. And fear makes us do things often we later regret. Anger, denial and rejection are inevitably actions parents regret when directed towards their child, whatever their justification.

Thirdly, your love for your child is irreplaceable. It is everything in your child’s world, and will be always, no matter how flawed or fragile your attempts at it are. If you allow yourself to be forced into a position where you must choose between your beliefs about homosexuality and whether to show your child you love them no matter who they are, no matter what they do, your child learns something about themselves. And it is not a good something.

Any beliefs you hold so to which force you to reject your child, will not fly across the country to hold your hand in your last moments, will not look into your eyes and tell you they love you, will not name their children for you for the sake of your love. Your beliefs will be like empty chasms at the end, and you’ll see the folly of them. All those others with whom you comforted yourself when you put your child away will go away to their own families and homes, and you will be alone with your beliefs. And your child will be motherless, fatherless, but they will go on in the world they created without you, the world you made necessary for them.

Lastly, in the time leading up to this vote, don’t let them make you afraid. Don’t let them tell you a wave of sin and immorality is coming, and it will swamp your child and you won’t be able to save them, to reach them. Don’t let them frighten you with horror stories of sexual depravity passed off as education. You are and have always been your child’s first teacher. So stand confident in that. See your child as they are, and love them as that, and everything will be fine. Nobody is going to make your child gay. Nobody wants to. If they are, they already are. It may be neither of you know it yet. And that may be terrifying to you. But know this.

Whatever comes, you can handle it. You’re amazing at this parenting thing. You’re great, and your child loves and trusts you. They’re watching you. They’re watching for signs you’ll accept them no matter who they are, by seeing how you accept others. They are afraid they will disappoint you, displease you, disgust you. Make sure they know they can’t, no matter who they are. You can. You can do it.

Don’t let them scare you. Don’t let them belittle you into thinking your love isn’t enough. Don’t let them terrify you with stories about your lack of control over all this, over the future. The truth is, you don’t have it. Not over the future, not over your child. None of us did. Your child will be okay. It will all be okay. You can handle whatever comes. Love wins. Remember that. Love always wins.

Jo Hilder


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Out there.

Artists and the art they make are often criticised as being “out there”, as something too lofty and ephemeral for the regular human being, as if creating and creativity were some kind of abnormal activity and art itself a paranormal entity, understandable and achievable only by a select, peculiar few.
And you know what? Perhaps art and creativity is exactly that – out there. When you think about it, maybe we all need to spend a bit more time and energy “out there” wherever is it art is. All these things keeping us from our bliss, our joy, from making the stuff we love, going the places that energise and inspire us, from thinking about the wonder of ourselves and each other are actually very much “in there” – in our own heads.

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Everyone is beautiful after I have my Zoloft.

I have a divergent way of thinking, a certain manner of mood, a cyclic emotional pattern with a name given it by the culture I live – “bipolar disorder”. For me, this pattern is sometimes mental illness, because my thoughts and actions can become harmful for me and for others around me. This is the depression phase which can manifest as anxiety, oppressive sadness and pain, anger, and suicidal thoughts. Other times, bipolar is not making me sick, it’s making me a powerful creator. When this is happening, I can literally do anything I think of.

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The Invisible Power of Creativity

To them, we are invisible. To them, there is only a faceless mass. A huddle to be shepherded. A rabble to be governed. A market to be plundered. To them, humanity consists only of those they have won over, and those they have yet to conquer. They believe their power is the only power; the only path and the only podium. Continue reading “The Invisible Power of Creativity”