Head, Hand and Heart – Creativity Weekend, November 2010

Head hand and HEART is a weekend adventure exploring your creative potential and expanding your creative self expression. Facilitated by artisans and creative people from all over Australia, HHH will be an amazing opportunity to release the creative potential lying within you for art, for expression and for life.

Why It’s So Hard To Love Others

The problem is not that we don’t know how to love people. It’s that we have this others mentality in the first place. Others has come not to mean other people, it has come to mean other sexual preferences, other religions, other genders, other ways of seeing and being which are different from our own. We look around us and see not one hundred people who need love and regard, but one hundred reasons not to love or regard people.

From Burial to Banqueting Table.

I want to tell those of you who don’t believe a person can be transformed, or that people don’t or can’t change, you need to come and see what God has done at my house.

The Illuminati of the Peri-Menopausal

In middle age, women realise we have expected too much from ourselves. Now we know that we can’t have everything. We realise that what we have now will probably be what the same as what we have when we are sixty, except it may all be closer to the ground. We have also learned that we can’t be all things to everyone, so we stop trying. Most of us have had a brush with death in the form of a health scare, or by losing someone close to us. Forced to change our view of life, we accept we are not immortal or bulletproof. We know we’re not young any more, but we also know we’re not old….yet. Middle aged women don’t generally buy sports cars and get young lovers, although, some of us do. More often, we simply take a look at what we have, and decide to make the most of it in whatever time we think we have left.

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