Ephipany ||

They huddle in their temples with the doors closed tight
waiting for the wind to rush in
the tongues of fire to fall
the spirit to descend and burn up all their enemies
To make them kings and emperors
And show the world how good it is
To be a friend of god

But the Spirit is alive and moving
She seeks the heart that’s broken
The hands that are open
She seeks the place of healing
She chooses there to do her work
And bring revival

No crown or wall
Or name or tribe
can give the wounded soul
What life the Spirit can
She salves and soothes
She sews, she sings
And only those
Rent by grief, by pain
By loss, by death
By rejection, by abuse
By oppression
Can even recognise
Her most gentle touch

They said we would know the Spirit
Because she would come in the light
But those of us who dwelt in darkness
Who were made to live there
Who chose it
Who fell there
Who went there for the sake of another
Know, we know
The Spirit is found in the darkness
Close to the precipice of death itself
And once we have known her
We recognise her always

The Spirit is bringing
All that was in darkness into the light
She is exposing not the wounds, or the wounded
But those that wounded
She is flinging open the doors to the temples
Not to bring tongues of fire
But to bring the light of reckoning
Those who have kept the courts closed
To all except the judges and the scholars
Who swept the steps to remove the beggars and the broken
Will themselves be swept down
Their robes will not cover them
Their names will not excuse them
All will be seen and heard
As the Spirit begins to give witness

And there will be mercy
Always, mercy

The new spiritual emergence is upon us
And it is coming not from within temples with closed doors
But from the wilderness camps and gathering places
Christ walks out on the path
And those who walk
Those who wake
They will see the New Consciousness
And come home.

(Jo Hilder ©)
– image source: unknown

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