W3 Writers Groups with Jo Hilder

Poor you. Poor little writerly you.

Other writers don’t have your struggles, do they? They don’t get bullied by their inner critic, roadblocked by resistance or sidetracked by chronic procrastination, right? Nope. It’s just you. And perhaps just me.

All those other writers are just swamped with inspiration, not like us, yes? They sit at their desks typing away madly while the muse perches coquettishly next to them filing her nails, flinging New York Times bestsellers into the atmosphere over their heads like clouds of pink glitter.

Not us, though. Nope. We wallow about, depressed and pyjama-clad, kicking a path through piles of self-doubt as high as the pile of dirty breakfast dishes we need to get to before we can sit down at the computer to write, oh, and there’s those emails to answer, and that washing to do…

And meanwhile, over at Elizabeth Gilbert’s house, the air is filled with the sound of popping champagne corks as she signs yet another contract.


Look – here’s the thing. There are only two kinds of writers, and it’s not rich and famous, and poor and anonymous. The two kinds are writers who write, and writers who don’t. You ARE a writer who actually writes, aren’t you?

Oh, I see.

Honey, I think it’s time for an intervention.

Stop imagining there are other, more special and gifted writers who have it easy, other writers who are not you, who do not struggle to string three sensible words together on a good day, who do not drink too much coffee or waste any time on Facebook or Twitter.

There is only us. Writers who write.

Hey – I have an idea. Let’s make a gang!

You coming?


Writers Who Write – W3 with Jo Hilder

A gang for writers who write, offering:

  • Ongoing support in your writing process
  • Safe, private and expertly facilitated community, offering connection and conversation with other writers and artists
  • Group and personal mentoring with Jo Hilder
  • Information from industry experience in pitching, self-publishing and getting published
  • Exploration and experimentation across different kinds of writing platforms and styles (blogging, autobiography, social media posts, narrative, fiction, non-fiction etc)
  • Focus on process rather than performance or proficiency, for anyone with a strong desire to write regardless of experience or qualifications.

W3 on FB

Closed Facebook group by monthly subscription (opt in, opt out)

  • Cost – $47 per month, available for posting 24/7
  • Safe, facilitated online community
  • Ongoing interaction and support
  • Date opens – Wednesday 6th March

REGISTER HERE (You’ll be added to the group list, and will receive an email confirmation in due course with details on how to set up your subscription.)