Live in your imagination

If you find yourself obsessing about an old hurt or offence, perhaps it’s because you’re not immersed in something you love to do right now in the present.

Your mind, when bored or unoccupied with inspiration, will always go hunting for some problem to solve, and if it hasn’t got one in front of it in the form of a creative idea or project, it will head back to your memory seeking itches to scratch, even it it means digging up issues long since dealt with and even mostly forgotten.

Live in your creativity and not in your memory.

Place stepping stones of bliss and creativity before you, and your mind will wander less back across old ground. When you become aware of your thoughts ruminating on old hurts and painful situations, thank those thoughts for the lessons they brought you in the form of experiences, and release them back into the stream of your consciousness. Then, return to the present. Be in this moment. You are a powerful creator, and don’t you forget it.

Jo Hilder

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