Never Let Anyone Sell You What To Do.

We’ve been programmed to believe we have to believe. No, we don’t. You don’t have to believe anything. Not in anything. When you’re convinced you must believe, everything splits into binaries. Everything falls into two categories – what you’re able to be convinced is truth, and everything else. Why not try not believing? Why not try holding everything in a place of saying, well, that’s interesting isn’t it? Why not relax and simply observe things and examine them with curiosity and an open mind, and not feel compelled to subscribe to them? Amazing how your whole perspective on life and others changes when you’re unable to be sold what to do. Because that’s what happens when you subscribe to beliefs – someone has sold you what to do. Your beliefs are not just ephemeral clouds in your head. They make you do things.

You don’t have to start believing new things when you stop believing the former things. Just stop being a consumer in the vast market of beliefs, my friend. Just be. The Universe has it covered. Look around you. It’s been doing a great job without the help of people’s beliefs for the most part. In fact, it really only gets fucked up around here when people start selling other people what to do, all over again. Look, religion, society, money, it’s all fine. Provided we don’t believe any of it.

We need to stop letting people sell us what to do.

We have been sold to hold to certain beliefs or we won’t belong to particular tribes, under threat of exclusion and disapproval. We have been sold how we must look, how we ought to feel if we’re getting being human right, what’s up and what’s down, what’s here, and what’s over there. We have lost the capacity to critically think, because we’ve been sold the idea we won’t survive without our tribe, and everyone different from us is not our tribe and means us harm. But there is no one different from us, there is no “other”. We are all one.

We’ve been letting people with a vested interest in controlling us sell us what to do, calling it “society”, and then we’ve been selling people who don’t have what we have and don’t do what we do the idea they’ve been missing out, or they’re primitive or uncivilised or unsophisticated, and they need what we have and ought to want what we want and believe what we believe. Yes, even this idea that we are not great right now, but we used to be, and there are people who stopped us being great and we can be great again by sorting that shit out is another way of selling us what to do. And what they require to “make us great again” is that we do nothing to stop it when people who do not believe what we do and cannot be sold what we were are removed, excluded, robbed, enslaved, criminalised and exterminated.

We really need to stop letting people sell us what to do.

When you give over your capacity to critically and independently think, and instead choose to believe, you have given over the last of your true power as a card-carrying member of the Universe. You have unsubscribed from all forms of miracles and magic and surrendered your capacity as a Powerful Creator. To choose beliefs is the lazy, fearful way to live, for the remarkable thing we mostly ignore is if we choose to not have beliefs, to not be sold what to do, rather than life closing down and ending, it opens up, and begins. This is what it means to be “born again”. The void existing in the absence of our beliefs actually has our back. But the thing is, the Universe won’t sell us what to do. God has no vested interest in making you think she exists. To believe in God is as moot as believing you have a mother. It’s okay, you don’t need to believe. Just live your life.

But be warned. When others see you sending the belief-peddlers packing, they’ll be terrified, just as you may be right now. They may do and say hurtful, fearful things. Don’t worry. It’s all right. You’ll be okay, and so will they. Their responses are simply the clockwork of the beliefs they paid so much for working just as they should. You see, we are also sold what to do when a fellow consumer leaves the market.

But leave it we must.

In a world where we leave off creativity, when we fear failure and risk and rejection and subscribe to the safety of beliefs, calamity prevails under the guise of order. We call this “society”. Prophets are fearful to speak, artists are afraid to create, the vulnerable and marginalised are nervous about speaking out, the seers and the seekers are suppressed. Creatives and scientists and finders of cures and makers of discoveries are controlled by politics and funding. The curious are terrified to look – not because of what they will find, but because of who they think may see them looking. Diversity shrivels, prejudice thrives. People wear a path from their bed, to the table, to the toilet, to their job and home again, where they close the door and pray for sleep to come. They throw away things they are tired of, never caring where they end up, and bring more shiny things home, never considering where they came from. They gather in homogenous groups and pray for no bad things to threaten their small, belief-smitten world.

Nature and the environment are seen as an infinite supply of saleable products to be manipulated, dominated, raped, invaded and discarded. The word “resource” loses all meaning. In belief systems, we ignore the fact the earth knows exactly how to give us what we need, and if we work with her, everyone has enough. We don’t need to believe this. It simply is. She’s always done it. This is called “abundance”. But beliefs systems work around the principle of scarcity. They operate under an economy of “deserve”. There is a limit to Gods grace, we say. We can’t let those people in or they’ll take our jobs. Look at my cupboard full of food, I have nothing to eat. I need more shoes. Time to go shopping again. Beliefs make us hate our bodies, exclude our neighbours and sell off our loyalty. They make us easy to control.

We’ve been programmed to believe we must believe, but the remarkable thing is if we choose to not have beliefs, rather than life ending, it begins.

We need to stop being sold what to do.
You need to stop being sold what to do.

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