Soul Letters For The Cancer Sojourner – #3 You Can Change One Thing Today

You can do one small thing today to turn this thing on its head. But don’t look out there for the thing – look at you. Look inside, because that’s where any changes you make will cause the greatest difference. It’s not them, or there, or that, anyway, that’s bringing you closer to where you want to go. It’s inside you. In your head, in your heart, in your hands. That’s where the path to your success lies.

Time Life – The Creative Life Has Time For Dreams

The abundant life we are promised by our Maker is release from the indentity this Egypt has fashioned for us; fit only for producing consumables. But you, you, are an artist, you are a work of art. You were made to create, not just to make. You were created from an idea, not from a brick-mould. You are more than what you produce. Leave time. Time is where your dreams lie waiting to be realised.

The Illuminati of the Peri-Menopausal

In middle age, women realise we have expected too much from ourselves. Now we know that we can’t have everything. We realise that what we have now will probably be what the same as what we have when we are sixty, except it may all be closer to the ground. We have also learned that we can’t be all things to everyone, so we stop trying. Most of us have had a brush with death in the form of a health scare, or by losing someone close to us. Forced to change our view of life, we accept we are not immortal or bulletproof. We know we’re not young any more, but we also know we’re not old….yet. Middle aged women don’t generally buy sports cars and get young lovers, although, some of us do. More often, we simply take a look at what we have, and decide to make the most of it in whatever time we think we have left.

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