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Why I Thank William P. Young For Helping Me Become A Writer

A couple of years ago, people began talking about this incredible new book The Shack that had been sweeping the world, and which had only just started to circulate in Australia. “Have you read it?” “It’s incredible.” “It’s changed my whole view of God.” My curiosity – and my percieved-threat-to-established-theology senses – began to tingle. […]

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Waking Up The Walking Dead – What Happens When You Decide To Fully Live

There is one step beyond critics; the walking dead. These are the ones who have managed to get up out of being ineffective, self-absorbed and insecure, and have found a way to succeed but without shining or taking any risks whatsoever. They like to fashion themselves into leaders of the lying down dead. As long as everyone is in various stages of dead, the zombies are okay. But when you turn up, breathing and jumping around and acting like not being a walking dead person is a viable option, they get mad.

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