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What you deserve.

Deserve. It’s such a divisive word. When we talk about what we or someone else deserves, we’re talking about the worthiness of a person. Not their true worth, but a perceived worth, and a perceived lot according to that worth. It’s us passing judgement on ourselves, which is just a mad thing to do. Because […]

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The opposite of should.

The word “should” is designed to make people feel they need fixing before they even realise they are broken. In fact, an awful lot of people are doing an awful lot of what they think they “should”, when in fact, what they were doing in the first place was fine. Loving people where – and […]

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God’s favourite.

God’s favour was once explained to me as a kind of serendipitous blessing He gives when He is particularly pleased with a Christian person, and wants to make life a little easier for them and let them know they are loved. Favour, to my understanding, meant nailing that business deal, dodging the cancer bullet, even […]

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