Soul Letters for the Cancer Sojourner #27 What Really Matters

There’s this scene in a movie, I can’t remember which one, where someone asks their friend what the point of life is. The other person holds up their finger and says “This one thing.” The first person says, “What’s the one thing?” “That,” says their friend, “is for you to work out.” I knew when I was told I was dying that I hadn’t worked that one thing out.

Soul Letters For The Cancer Sojourner – #12 Not My Time

Today, a friend asked me: “Name something you did today with all your heart.” It was an easy question to answer. Today I wrote some Continue Reading

Soul Letters For The Cancer Sojourner – #3 You Can Change One Thing Today

You can do one small thing today to turn this thing on its head. But don’t look out there for the thing – look at you. Look inside, because that’s where any changes you make will cause the greatest difference. It’s not them, or there, or that, anyway, that’s bringing you closer to where you want to go. It’s inside you. In your head, in your heart, in your hands. That’s where the path to your success lies.

The Making Of Me – The Christ Identity

A Christ-identity is one that is always being laid down for the Fathers will. A Christ-identity is one that is being journeyed through like a wilderness, and laid aside like a promise of false riches and power. A Christ-identity is one which has no life of it’s own, but is sustained daily by the manna of God’s provision of grace. A Christ-identity is one that does not die with the one who carries it like a personality does, but which, like communion, is shared again and again with thanksgiving and humility, and will come alive again no matter how deep the grave, or how grievous the wound.

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