Tattoo Chronicles #3 – Never Forgotten

This is my third major tattoo. My strawberry vine.

I told you yesterday about my two totems being strawberries and dragonflies; strawberries because a tiny strawberry was my very first tattoo and a secret between Ben and I, and a dragonfly, because it symbolises new beginnings.

After Ben came home from rehab and we set about our new beginning, I decided it was time for some more ink.

Anyone who’s had more than one tattoo will tell you they’re highly addictive.

I drew up this design for my inner right forearm to symbolise our family coming back together.

A strawberry each for Ben and I.strawberry vine tattoo

And a blossom for each of our children. Four living, one no longer with us.

Our first boy was born in 1988, then another in 1992. Our girl baby came to us in 1994, after which we decided three was enough. Dorothy was conceived in 2001 and would’ve been our second child after Bens vasectomy reversal in 1999. Gabriel was conceived less than a year after that procedure and was still very young when I fell pregnant again.

But I was older, in my early thirties, and I remember I was not feeling completely well when I found out a new baby was coming. Still, we wanted more children and I was excited about the prospect of perhaps another girl, a sister for Daisy.

But she was not to be. I miscarried in my first trimester. I named her Dorothy. Dot for short, because she only ever was a little dot of a thing.

One strawberry each for Ben and I. And one blossom for each of our children, four living, and one never forgotten.

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