The Invisible Power of Creativity

To them, we are invisible. To them, there is only a faceless mass. A huddle to be shepherded. A rabble to be governed. A market to be plundered. To them, humanity consists only of those they have won over, and those they have yet to conquer. They believe their power is the only power; the only path and the only podium.

They believe everyone believes them, and they think everyone trusts them. But this is because to them we are invisible. Those who believe power is something that can be held do not understand true power. True power cannot be held, any more than the wind, the sky, the sea, the stars, the moon, the sun. True power is above and beneath and around all of us. It weaves us together. We do not harness or control it. We unite with it. Some call it God. Some call it The Universe. Some call it magic. But whatever we call this true power, we can know this – to them, we will always be invisible, because they are blind to it.

But they are blind to it – and to us – at their own peril.

Creativity is the ultimate magic.

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