2016 – A year for risk, change and success!

Folks who have been following my page will remember late last year I began sharing a little bit about my upcoming project, The Book Of The Brave. My plan was to have the book written and released very late in 2015. So what happened?

Well, working two jobs and not setting enough time aside for the process happened.

But The Book Of The Brave is coming. She has been waiting patiently whilst I quit my jobs and clear the decks of all the clutter and excuses. And she has two sisters; Do Awesome Broken, and another project which has yet to reveal her name to me.

Yes, three books, all to be released this year.

I also have two colouring workbooks on the way. One is based on my clip art collection of a few years ago, and the other is based on my Grateful Mandala artwork from last year. Very excited about that one!

And most thrilling of all, my picture book for grown up women about identity, authenticity and our true names is released by Rhiza Press in May. I am ecstatic to bring you the story of Small and Pure. She is so wanting you to know her story, and I’m so humbled the wonderful team at Rhiza are helping bring her into the world.

So 2016 is huge! No time for messing about! It’s all about to happen, folks!

Thanks for your ongoing support, I truly appreciate you and can’t wait to show you all these wonderful stories and projects.

Love, Jo xxx

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