Jo Hilder is a writer, artist, an experienced speaker, author of four self-published books, and most recently the author of Small and Pure – A Cautionary Tale, released in June 2016 by Rhiza Press. She is a cancer survivor, diagnosed with stage 3B Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma in 2013. Jo writes honestly about middle-age, and other depressing topics including living with bipolar disorder, running a business mid-COVID19, and remembering not to be rude to others. ….

Jo has been involved in creative arts since the 1980’s, studying, teaching and working professionally across various spheres including drama and acting, singing and songwriting, art design and advertising media production, web design and blogging, screenprinting, clip art and stamp block design, leadlighting, fabric art design and quilting, painting and drawing, sculpture, clothing design and upcycling and jewellry making.

Jo is also a qualified and experienced support group facilitator and community advocate, having held various roles with the NSW Cancer Council including Programs Coordinator and Relationship Manager. She continues to work closely with the organisation, speaking at events and assisting with training and advocacy.

As trained Chaplain and qualified pastor, Jo spent several years in various roles in local church congregations in pastoral care, music and creative ministry.

She made a TV appearance in 2008 performing Best Day from her 2005 CD The End Of The Circle. She was a finalist in an ABC NSW Regional Singer/Songwriters Competition with her song Rise Up in the same year. Jo spoke at the Hunter Breast Cancer Forum in 2013 and was keynote speaker at the 2013 Cancer Council NSW Cancer Information and Support Services Conference at Darling Harbour in Sydney. Jo also worked in the area of community mental health as support worker and case manager, serving the needs of clients with schizophrenia and other chronic mental health challenges.

Her books include God, You Can Take My Mental Illness – Just Not The Part Where You Speak To Me (2013), Things Not To Say To Someone Who Has Cancer (2013) and Soul Letters for the Cancer Sojourner (2014). Small And Pure – A Cautionary Tale was published by Rhiza Press in early 2016.

Jo also co-authored and edited Under A Sudanese Star with Yai Atem, a Lost Boy of Southern Sudan, The Light At the End Of The Tunnel – How To Beat Cancer with 12 year old leukaemia survivor, Jacob Cooper, and Left At The Gate – A Mothers Journey With Grief and Loss by Jillian March.

Jo’s writing and commentary can be seen on ABC News Blog (AUS), ABC The Drum – Unleashed (AUS), Mamamia (AUS),, Marie Claire magazine (AUS), The Newcastle Herald (AUS), Burnside Writers Collective (USA), RelevantMagazine.com (USA), Darkwood Brew (USA), BlogHer (USA) among other nefarious places on the internet.


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