And you wonder why books cost so much.

I like the writing part of being a writer. But one of the things which makes good writing is editing. Editing is done by a different part of the brain than writing is, and as such, it’s easy for the creative side to get mad at the editor. Editing must be done with a serious face, hunched forward over the keyboard and in a bossy mood. My creative side doesn’t like to be in the room when I’m editing. She perches tensely on the daybed across the room with a scowl and a toasted sandwich while her her beautiful writing is hacked to pieces.

Editing day is not my favourite day. Those two in a room – phew, hard work.

Good writing isn’t just about creativity. It’s about editing, formatting, procrastinating, rewriting, hacking, slashing, burning, exorcising, kicking, screwing up and throwing in bin, rushing from room screaming with arms waving, crying, begging, denouncing, praying and bargaining. And you wonder why books cost so much.


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