The Universe responds. The prayer is answered. The solution manifests.

Three ways to say it. You get what you want.

Or do you?

This week, I had the opportunity to explore the idea of how we create our reality through our choices and intention.

You’ve been reading my Facebook page. You know I’ve been on a quest to work out my purpose – not what it is, but how to do it.

A lot of this work has been around identity.

And a huge part of my identity has been my writing. This is as it should be.

But most of my writing identity for the last five years has come through my blog.

For months, I’ve known it’s time to change from writing about certain topics in a certain way, and to let go of the identity I created around myself as a “cancer writer”. It’s been tough to let go. I worked hard. I did good stuff. I’m respected in the field. I have a body of work.

But it’s time to let go.

Then, a few days ago, I logged into my blog to begin some big changes, to find, thanks to hackers, it’s gone. From the face of the earth.

I wish I could tell you I’d taken my own advice and backed everything up. I can’t tell you that.

So – a catastrophe?

Or opportunity?

I get to choose.

Do I cry, “But that was my best!”

Or say, “My best is yet to come.”

I choose.

Not every loss is a curse. Not every gain is a blessing.

You choose.

Love, Jo xxx

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