ACC/Hillsong Branded Christianity – “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

Here ya go. A little more insight into what our PM said at the ACC National Conference this week. Thanks to my friend Carolyn for the heads up on this piece by The Guardian.

While the temptation might be to either hear this address as just more innocuous Pentecostal blather, or a patronizing nod to the movement behind what he might have assumed were closed doors, the remarks made by Scott Morrison shed light on his true agenda as concerns the inextricable nature of his faith and his politics.

Lest we be lulled into a sense of comfort in the knowledge our PM has deep moral and spiritual convictions, the Christianity he’s affiliated with isn’t the benign kind we may be accustomed to. As Inigo Montoya famously says in The Princess Bride, “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

This Christianity not the faith of the sweet baby Jesus in the manger or the gentle priest with the white collar. This is a brand, a franchise and a cult. These people believe one day very soon, Jesus is appearing in the sky to take all the true believers up physically in the air and away to a promised heavenly home where they will reign over the earth as kings, and the rest of us can literally go to hell. This is a faith system where pastors are secretly afraid to get cremated when they die lest Jesus be unable to raise their bodies out of the earth at the rapture. This is a faith system whereby anyone who is not part of The Church (capital T, capital C) is condemned to a real hell, and considered anti-Christ. This is a religion where women are oppressed and groomed to serve husbands, and the highest aspiration one can have for a daughter is to marry some pimply faced pastors son and become Mrs Pastor one day, to be shafted off to some offshore outpost where she can bake cookies, start an Instagram account and raise babies without the support of her family, while she waits for her husband to start gathering enough tithes to buy a few investment properties, some leather jeans and a fancy audio visual set up for the auditorium to get the young people in, because God knows, they’re the ones with the money, and without the smarts to understand what celebrity church culture is, where it came from, and how toxic and subversive it is to Christianity. I shit you not.

This is a religion that twists the meaning of its most holy book to suit its capitalist, world-dominating agenda. This is a cult that hides paedophiles, protects con-men and trophyises politicians and the famous, seeing them as endorsements and resourcing them as influencers. This is an organization that operates for all intents and purposes as a corporation, yet pays no tax. This is a movement leaving a wake of damaged, abused and traumatized humans in its relentless advance across the world.

This is an institution no different from any other institution, where legalism is rife, doctrine and dogma rule, and myth is construed as fact and history. This is a group-think which dictates an us-and-them mentality, lacking transparency and accountability legally, financially and politically.

He may crap on about he and his wife being called on to “do God’s work”, but the fact is, when it comes to his Prime Ministership, Scott Morrision is not elected and paid to do his god’s work. He’s supposed to be doing ours.

It’s tempting to feel a sense of relief and comfort thinking our PM is a man of faith, and thank God it’s Christianity and not some other religion. But this is not the Christianity you think you know. This, quite literally, is something else entirely. And we ignore his allegiance at our political and social peril.