Creativity is BRAVE.

Creativity. You have it. You need it. And so does the world. The problem is, most of us have come to believe creativity is a special gift possessed by a select few. Mention creativity and people think art, music, dance, theatre. But these are just a few of the forms creativity takes. You have creativity, and you use it every day, even those of us who never make marks on canvas or paper, who never sing or swing our bodies across boards, who never memorise lines and pretend to be others for the joy of it.

The thing is, you use your creativity every day.

Sometimes you use it for good. When we make a meal for loved ones. When we organise a spreadsheet, coordinate a team, decorate a room, do a child’s hair. These simple forms of creativity use your experience of what will work, along with your willingness to take risks, experiment and perhaps even fail. The stakes are fairly low. Your imagination as well as your resilience come into play. These are some of the positive and life-affirming ways you use your creativity. But often we find, as the stakes get higher, and the risks become greater, we are less than willing to risk or challenge ourselves. We hold back. We do what we did before, what we knew worked or prevented failure. We rely on habit, the known and the safe. Now, it would be tempting to believe when we retreat back into the predictable and the safe, we are not using our creativity any more. But my dear, this simply isn’t the case.

You’re using it all right. Just not in the way it was designed to be used.

A lot of people who are not artistic or adventurous think they are not creative. But they are. But their creativity is no longer living in a space where it can challenge, excite and stimulate them. For the ones who do not try new things, who do not take risks or bring originality into the world, their creativity is alive, but it is not well. It’s displaced.

It’s actually being held hostage.

Our imagination is incredibly powerful. We can use it for good, or for not so good. For those who have risked and been hurt, or spoken and been silenced, or who have brought their offerings and been shamed and humiliated, the pure, shining light of creativity is grasped tightly and pulled underground. Fear rises up, and, taking our imagination hostage, drags it bewildered and muffled into a safe, remote place. And there, protected by walls of all-fine-here and jadedness and a brittle kind of strength, creativity is kept hostage in the dark, with only fear to keep it company. And in this way, your creativity has nothing left to do, no task to set itself to, no work to busy itself with, and so it sits in the gloom with fear as it’s only friend, and, using your imagination, creates stories to tell you.

Stories of the darkness. Stories of the loneliness. Stories of the stillness and the separation and the starvation. Your creativity needs to be busy all the time, and so, fed by your fear, it occupies itself full-time filling your imagination with all the horrors it’s experiencing locked away down there in what has become it’s whole world. Safe, and never to be hurt. But empty-bellied, light-deprived, and absolutely, completely alone.

Your creativity, my love, isn’t gone. It’s being held hostage by your fear, who has it occupied day and night creating myths in your imagination about the wicked world, and all it’s poisonous, dangerous inhabitants. It tells you yours is the deepest pain, yours are the most malevolent memories, and most of all, your creativity is obsessed with making you convinced you are absolutely, completely alone.

Dear, darling one. Think of it. Your creativity held prisoner down there, fear telling it lie after lie. It just wants to stay safe. It just wants to be okay. But imagine, just imagine what might happen, if you, with all your wisdom, your courage and your strength, brought your creativity to the surface, and began to tell it stories of life, of love and of light?

Imagine if you could rehabilitate your imagination, wean it from it’s addiction to fear, and revive it with colour, warmth, and everything you know about yourself now, and God, and the good of other people?

Imagine if your creativity was able to become free and strong enough to help to create the wonderful, love-filled, vibrant life you know you want, and which is absolutely possible?

Come into the light, dear, darling holder of imagination. You are a powerful creator. Time to bring all that life to the surface now, to risk, to run right to the edge, to throw your arms out and let your imagination run free from fear. You’re going to need that creativity to help you create the life of your hopes and dreams. Time to set it free.

Creativity is part two of the BRAVE online course.

BRAVE is an online course designed for women who have left a faith community or mainstream Christian church and wish to re-orientate their faith and spiritual practice to be both self-determining and spirit led.

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