Dearest Karen…

Hello, fellow Karen,
Yes, you know I’m talking to you.
I am a Karen, and I have questions.
I want to know why I feel so empowered to intimidate those who are in fact much less empowered than I am without even noticing.
I want to know if I’ve come so far past caring being the “bad guy” I might’ve lost sight of what it is to be one.
Karen’s are not a recent American phenomenon. We’ve been angry and showing it for years, in many places across the world, and racial tensions are not our only trigger. We’re angry about a lot of stuff and have been for decades. It’s just now we’re being filmed doing it. And it’s not pretty.
White the fucks we gave for that have since flown, we need to take responsibility for our actions, and our evolution. Change – social, political and spiritual – is upon us, whether we like it or not.
Our work as white, middle aged privileged women is to identify the triggers for our indignities, measure their worthiness against justice and morality, heal our prejudices, and detach from the heirarchal-patriarchal systems in which we’ve sought refuge, however hostile the relationship.. Once we do this, we’ll be a positive force to be reckoned with, rather than being walking pistols with a hair trigger and one bullet in the barrel.
What do you think?

You've heard my thoughts, now throw me yours...