Finding your tribe.

It’s easy to tell who your allies are, who your tribe is.

They’ll be the ones who, when confronted with your independence, confidence, growth, courage, creativity and success, will say “I knew you had it in you”, instead of “and just who do you think you are?”

You need friends and teachers around you who have stared down their own fears, and faced off with their feelings of being threatened by someone else’s growth, joy and progress.

You need people behind you who support the truth about you – that you are capable, good-hearted, and more than enough – and who don’t try and convince you more dependency and more smallness will serve you.

You can choose this. You’ve already begun. You’re further along the path than you realise.

Look for the ones who are not surprised by your successes, threatened by your knowledge, or stand to gain by your staying small.

They are your tribe.

Love, Jo x

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