God Help Them.

They are out there. And they are dying every day. The fathers. The sons. The brothers. The uncles. The friends. The husbands. The partners. the neighbours. The men. The men who are sad, lonely, and unhappy. The men who drink. The men who cry. The men who can’t. The men who are broken. The men who are told they are “pussies”. The men who hide. The men who feel. The men who can feel no more.

I weep for them. Because men who hurt often hurt others. Sometimes they mean to. Wars, battles, violence, abuse. Sometimes they do not mean to. Neglect, depression, separation. Hurt people find it hard to look after the ones they are charged with protecting and providing for. And money does not help. Celebrity does not help. A body of work does not help. Sometimes even support and rehab does not help. Yet we must help, and try and help, just the same.

There are a thousand thousand Robin Williams’ who will end their lives today. They may take their own life, or the life of another. They may leave their family. They may leave their senses. They may upend another bottle or empty another needle. They may bash or bruise, themselves or another. They may enter one institution designed to keep them away from society, they may leave an institution from which society is consisted. One way or another, men will end their lives today. In their head, in their heart, by their hand, by their actions – end their lives. And it will be a great shame.

Because there must be a way to stop it. To keep fathers with their families, to keep husband off the end of the rope. To keep brothers shoulder to shoulder. To keep sons on the earth longer than their mothers. To keep them here, because families, societies, communities need men. Not just for their strength, but for their essence. For their love, their power, their courage, their vulnerabilities. We need them.

God help men. God help them in their minds, hearts and souls. God help us help them.

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