God sighs.

God uses people when He wants to reach us with His love. Sometimes the most annoying people. God even uses the dirty, smelly, loud, obnoxious ones. Even our family. Eek.

This is hard, because when we understand God loves us, we sometimes think because He loves us and doesn’t want us to get annoyed or irritated He would only send smart people who smell nice and are sweet to us to help us, love us and tell us about His love.

But He doesn’t always do that.

Sometimes God’s exquisite favour toward us comes in the package of a person who we think God is the exact opposite of.

And that, dear friend, is our problem, not theirs.

The bigger problem is those times when we want God to bless us without using people at all. When we stand up in church or in nature or in our problem or our success and we say, “God, give me all you got.” But when He sends someone to help us with that, we tell them to go away because we’re being all spiritual waiting for God to give us what we asked for, and to tell us what we need to do to get that thing.

If Jesus can weep, then I think God can certainly sigh.

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