Head, Hand and Heart – Creativity Weekend, November 2010

My mate Paul Macklin from Amazing People has been dreaming of an arts and creativity adventure convention for ages, and finally, we are making it happen!

Head hand and HEART is a weekend adventure exploring your creative potential and expanding your creative self expression. Facilitated by artisans and creative people from all over Australia, HHH will be an amazing opportunity to release the creative potential lying within you for art, for expression and for life.

Bring colour, joy, intuition, imagination, intimacy
and creative confidence into your world and…
make a contribution. Proceeds to the Tabitha foundation, building homes in Cambodian communities….yes, ALL proceeds!

Not just for artists…for thinkers, for feelers and for doers; for people who need creative solutions, who dream of making their world great, and who seek innovative ways to educate and empower others.

Head Hand and HEART… You’ll discover…

■The mechanisms of the mind – how creativity is a natrual capability that we have in abundance at birth and how to overcome the voice of judgement that blocks creative flow as we get older.
■Rediscovering innocence – how creators use the childlike state in which every day is an amazing, playful adventure to fuel their creative exploration.
■Awakening the senses – how to expand awareness and perception as a starting point for your creative expression.
■Discovering your expressive voice – exploring a range of media and methods to unearth your amazing expressive voice.
■Your unique point of view – the importance of seeking out and speaking out your unique world view.
■Dare to dream – expanding the impact that your creative contribution can make in the world.
■Mastering the way – the perspectives and habits of creative masters and how to integrate them into your life.

Check out the website http://headhandandheart.com/

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