How to never make mistakes.

An example of something you will never hear God say: “You need to get it right the first time. Or else.”

Really, failure isn’t that big a deal. The consequences of your choice may be less than ideal, even horrible. But the actual mistake isn’t what matters.

It’s what happens next that matters.

God has factored in your propensity for exploration, your failures, your creativity, your curiosity, your mistakes and your shortcomings. He calls this “grace”. Grace is more than just being forgiven by God for doing bad things. Grace is a state you live in. It’s getting up and keeping going. It’s not wearing the label of “bad” or “sinner” or “f___ up” or “outsider”. It’s being in the moment, owning your choices, and taking responsibility, while at the same time being willing to keep going. To keep beginning again. To keep risking more unwanted results.

To trust you are not bad and unworthy. And a bad day isn’t a bad life.

God did make entities incapable of making mistakes or ever disappointing anyone. We call them “rocks”.

You’re not going to do your best the first time. Or maybe the two hundred times after that. You’ll need a few goes at it. You’ll get results you don’t want sometimes. You’ll hurt others and yourself other times. You learn, forgive, and try something else.

And in this way, you don’t be a rock, or a neurotic, or so obsessed by the fear of “sin” or failure you never do anything.

How to never make mistakes? Be a rock.

There is a cure for messing it up. Live in grace. Swim in it.

Love, Jo xxx

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