Leaving Church – Where To Now?


One of two podcast series I’m producing. Stay tuned for Best Day: The Illuminati of The Post-Menopausal.

A God With Dirty Feet is a video podcast series aimed at covering issues experienced post-church, specifically contemporary denominations such as Hillsong and other charismatic pentecostal style congregations.

Ep.1 – Leaving Church – Where To Now?
In this episode, I describe and explore the process we go through coming from our lives pre-church, through the narrow door of salvation/conversion, and into church culture. Once we decide to leave, it’s not as easy as we might’ve thought it would be, and when we self-select out often we find ourselves in a kind of limbo. I examine each of the phases of a church joining/leaving experience, articulating why we may struggle when we find we can longer go back both to a church context, or back to how we were when we found church in the first place.

Every experience is different, however there are some commonalities to the disapora process, and whilst I do not answer all the emotions, dissonance and heartbreak which frequently follow leaving such movements, in this podcast I break down the phases we may go through, helping church-leavers orientate themselves in their own process and emergence out the other side.

In future podcasts I’ll be addressing some specific psycho-social impacts of church leaving, and offering some strategies to support yourself emotionally, spiritually and socially as you heal and recover.

Any suggestions for topics you’d like covered, and your comments, are absolutely welcome. Message me via this page, or leave your comments here or on the YouTube video.

Looking forward to your feedback.

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