Living from your imagination and not your fear is BRAVE.

There has never been a time when it was more important or more urgent for you to learn to deal with this fear of yours.

Ah! Feel that? Your fear knows it’s time is up. Now hold it. Don’t you let fear distract you this time. Stay and hear me out. Resist your resistance – this is a divine appointment….don’t miss it!

I know you’ve told me before about the things you’re afraid of, about the past, and the future, and the people and the pain and the horrible sensations and the memories. I know. Really, I absolutely know. Those things feel real. But I want to say to you, in the kindest way possible, with more compassion than written words can express, none of those things exist in the here and the now.

So stop it.

They either existed before and are gone. Or they haven’t even happened yet, and may never happen. In all likelihood, won’t happen.

Can’t you see? I am not being unkind when I say this is your imagination. When I tell you this, it’s not to say these things did not happen, and the feelings are not real. Because they are real feelings, and they were real abuses and trauma. But here and now, you are safe. You are in control. But there is a part of you that’s not okay.

Your creative mind. Your imaginative soul.

I’ve been banging on about your creativity for days because I want you to see this. I want you to understand your anxiety and your terror of the past and the future are not part of your weakness. They are part of your formidable and incredible strength.

Your fear, that fear and anxiety you’re feeling now, is your brilliant and substantial creativity – your creative imagination, the part of you where hope, beauty and love are manufactured – being held hostage by your fear. Your minivan full of orphan “feelings” has your creativity back there and they are smothering it with their bawling and their braying. The part of you that is best equipped to get you out of this emotional hole and onto a road to healing and wholeness is crumpled in the dark with only your bad memories to keep it company.

Baby girl, you need to get in there and rescue your imagination from your memory.

You need to set your creativity free. You need to start using your imagination and creativity to imagine an incredible, vibrant future, instead of using it to catastrophise and perpetuate a painful, traumatic past.

And I know this. Leaving the fear in the dark and walking into the light feels almost like an abdication, an abandonment. It’s felt like you kind of owed it somehow to be the carrier of that stuff, and that simply leaving it would be like leaving part of you. Like a betrayal, both of yourself, and of the cause of justice for what was done.

Honey, you need to seriously leave that shit to the Universe. God has got it. Karma is not your job. You are your job.

You don’t need to worry about the space releasing that burden will leave. There is so much good stuff headed your way, you’ll be praying for a greater capacity to hold it pretty soon.

And the task before you is to emancipate your imagination and creativity from fear, so you can get about the work of engineering hope.

Hope is your imagination engaged in creating a new path for yourself towards wholeness, healing, joy, light, love and all the fun things you love to do, every single day.

And God is ready to help you do it. Ready now.

Come on baby, this is the work that needs to be done. Bearing alone the memory of your trauma is no nobility. The fear is not your friend. Your creativity and imagination are being held hostage down that hole. Time you got your badass on. Let’s go.

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