Living true to save your life.

Live in your truth.

I woke up this morning with this phrase sounding like a bell in my soul. And I feel my sharing it is more than just bringing you a sweet sounding platitude to lift your spirits.

For someone, maybe several someone’s, this is the key to breaking free. I believe it may even save someone’s life.

Live in your truth.

You know just what I’m talking about when I say truth, don’t you? You know precisely what I mean. Nobody needs to explain what that truth is to you. It’s who you really are. It’s what you know yourself to be. It’s the you underneath the layers of what you had to do to survive, to stay safe, to keep the peace. It’s the you behind the identity you created so you could belong to the tribe, to the only family you’ve ever known, to the God-people, or the ones who promised to protect or promote you. It’s the you who has been shielded and guarded all this time, since she was hurt so badly, judged so harshly, disciplined so arbitrarily, ignored so coldly, mocked so cruelly. She is safe in there, safe from them, even the them you’ve been hiding with for all this time. You would never risk showing her to them again, would you?

The problem is, something is wrong. You know this to be true. You know that deep inside you, something is not right. There is a sickness there, a disease. You don’t know if it’s physical, nobody has been able to find anything. But you know it’s there. You’ve asked to be tested for things, you’ve told them something isn’t quite right. But they tell you there is nothing, you’re just tired, overwrought, you need to take it easy. But you can’t rest easy – there is a dis-ease within you. And it’s way deeper than flesh or blood. It’s in the very core of you. Something is not all right with you. And your physical body is beginning to respond in the only way it knows how.

It’s decided wherever it is you’re going, it’s not coming.

Where ever you think it is you’re taking your body, your body is beginning to rebel. Your body was made to sing with health, harmony, vitality, life. But you’re on a path to somewhere your body knows it has no business going. It’s trying to tell you, I’m not going. You can go there if you want, but I’m not going.

Your body is trying to tell you what your soul and spirit has been telling you for years. This life you’re living? You have no business living it. This is not your life, and you know it. This is the life you believe you are supposed to have. This is the safe, perfectly respectable life you feel responsive to live. This is the life you need to live to stay safe, to get what you need, to go where you want to go. But this? This is not your life. Your body knows this. You stopped listening to your soul and your spirit long ago. What will it take for you to hear what the whole universe is conspiring to tell you?

You can create a huge pile of excuses, reasoning, justification and logic and keep climbing to the top of the pile and surround yourself with your inauthenticity and a false identity and build a little house up there on the life you’ve created which isn’t the life you were destined to live or made for, and live out your existence in the little hut of your avoidance and security and safety….but at some point, way back there, you promised to do whatever God called you to do. You prayed with your whole heart for God to send you, remake you, mould you, take you anywhere. And God took you at your word. God said ok.

And God has not forgotten.

But you changed the plan, didn’t you? It was taking too long. It was hard to wait for things you could not control to fall into place. You had to watch others move quickly through places where you got stuck. You struggled to understand who you were without the safety of others perceptions and reassurances. You feared. You fell. You were judged, corrected, shamed and wronged. Abused. You lost and suffered and were so, so alone. And it was hard. You lost your faith. And you believed God lost faith in you.

But my love, I want to tell you this. What you dismissed as a losers journey was anything but. It is a heroes journey.

And it is not too late.

I don’t know what your true self looks like. But I think you do. I think you know what’s underneath the persona and the professionalism and the public face. I think you know exactly where you wanted to be right now, all those years ago. And you think it’s too late.

I’m here to tell you it’s not too late.

While there is breath in your body, it is not too late.

I tell you this. Nobody will step in to subvert the life you’ve made for yourself, perched atop the identity you’ve created and the chattels of your success and security. Your life works just fine; it’s perfectly serviceable, perfectly acceptable. But I tell you this, this is not your life. Your soul knows this, your spirit knows this. And if you will listen, you will hear your body chanting the same drone. This is not your life. This is not who you are. And your body is telling you, you can live this life if you want to, but I am not coming too.

Will you listen? Will you hear the song all of creation is singing? Live in your truth. Live in your truth. Go outside and listen closely. Open your eyes, it will be written everywhere. Live in your truth.

In fact – and hear me now – in your truth is the only way to live.

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I hope you’ll join us.
Love Jo xxx

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