Loving Beyond The Bounds

Does love have no bounds, no limits? Does love know no boundaries?

Love? You just keep loving, keep it up until you hit a boundary. If you find you can love beyond it, do so. If you can’t, turn around and love in another direction. That way, you can be sure your love knows no bounds.

Thank those boundaries when you find them, thank them for teaching you just how much love you have to give, and teaching you how to give your love where it can do the most good, the best kind of good. And for teaching you the limits and the boundaries are not you, not with your love. There’s always more in you, always more to give; your love knows no limits.

You need never feel like you fail when your love meets a boundary. Usually when it does, it’s a boundary that got created because of someone’s unwillingness to love where they might’ve, could’ve. Love anyway, and know no bounds.

Maybe not today, maybe not our love, but someone’s love will take that limit away someday. Say a prayer about it when you meet it. Thank God the boundary isn’t you, and make darn sure it isn’t you.

Your love will come up to the boundaries, that’s for sure. Your love will walk right up them sometimes, stand there taking the measure of them, run it’s hands along them, stand back, walk up and give them a little kick and say, well, I never.

And all we can do is love right up to the boundaries, give them a little push, and if they give, keep loving, If not, love more, or elsewhere, or in a pinch, just love yourself.
(c) Jo Hilder 2015

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