Moving on, even with your fears is BRAVE.


We all have them. Some of them are pleasant, some, not so much. Sometimes things happen to us which make our feelings not work properly, and they can overwhelm us. Sometimes we fear feelings more than we fear what triggers them. We grow and find out we can handle life better than we ever could, and we get brave and venture out where we never would’ve let ourselves. But then, we feel, and it’s not the circumstances, but those feelings which have us bound in the dark, running from shadows, doubting our strength and our sanity.

But you are not broken because you feel. You are human. Anyone who can feel is doing it right, is going to be okay.

There is a saying, “Do it scared”. Sometimes we confuse anticipation and excitement for anxiety and fear. This can happen if our heart has been damaged in the past. But we can grow in understanding how to trust our gut and intuition to keep us safe, instead of our emotional responses and triggers.

In fact, to step fully into our feminine energy and power, we must come to understand and trust our gut and intuition. If you’ve been taught to distrust your inner voice, your gut feelings, you need a new teacher, and a big stick to teach that last one a lesson.

Just kidding.

Feelings are not a flaw, or a weakness. Your feelings are a minivan of frightened babies, and you’re in the drivers seat. All those poor little feelings want to do is go home, take a warm bath, get a full tummy and go to bed. And there will be time for that. But this minivan is going places. You have dreams to chase. You have a purpose to fulfil. You have no time to waste. Get back there and give all those baby feelings a big hug, then strap them in and tell them to sit tight. We have places to go, my lovelies, and everything is going to be all right. You’ve got this.

Yes, you do.

So, are you ready?

So, get your foot on the gas and this puppy into gear, and hit the road, sweetheart. I’ll be the hitch-hiker you see on the highway to your dreams, the one with the dreadlocks and the great big smile. I’ll understand if you don’t have time to slow down and pick me up as your minivan hurtles along.

I’ll see you there xxxx

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