Since 1995, I’ve been writing and recording my original songs with various teams of musicians, many of whom were members of music/worship teams in the congregations I was part of. I was fortunate to have the support of individuals who were invested in my creative explorations beyond “church” or “worship” music, and who helped arrange, record and perform my works.

I’d especially like to thank Ian and Belinda Sell, Bruce Webb (sadly since passed away) John Cleverly, Scott Wallace, Graham Pogmore, the Twartz family, Sean Kelly and the other gifted musicians who helped me bring my work to fruition. Each of these individuals were key in building my confidence and expanding my raw talent into something I’m so proud of.

I’ve compiled four favourite tracks from the many we recorded together over the years into an album named “Best Day”.

Jo Hilder

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Best Day, and all the other tracks we recorded together but didn't make it to my final cut, are dedicated to Bruce Webb. Bruce and I collaborated on many projects apart from the church context: he and I were in a rock band together, we performed at weddings, and he was always, always there to play music with us in the studio, a little lead, and a whole lot of rhythm. Bruce left his mark on so many of us as a friend, husband, step-dad, dad, musician, gentle and genuine friend. You'll never be forgotten, my friend.