My Letter To OneMillionMoms.

Dear ladies,

I am writing from Australia, having heard recently about your campaign against J.C. Penney, whom I understand you are boycotting because they have instated (American comedian, actor and talk-show host) Ellen Degeneres as their spokesperson. As a Christian woman with a family, may I express my dismay at both the spirit of this campaign and your grounds for it.

I find it very disheartening you have decided to employ your energies to arbitrarily oppose the employment of a homosexual person in free commercial enterprise in a democratic country, in Jesus’ name. As a Christian, I cannot in all good conscience support any campaign which asks for the rescinding of the rights of any particular individual or group in my community which I am not willing to surrender myself.  I appreciate the fact that I live in a country (Australia) which allows me freedom to express my religion, and I accept that this very same freedom allows Ms. Degeneres to express her sexuality, and her right to be employed free of the prejudices of others against her sexuality. To ask Ms. Degeneres to surrender her right to both her personal and sexual freedom, and to the right to hold any job she is qualified for, is appalling, and I will not support it.

I note that Ms. Degeneres says of her own values:

“Here are the values I stand for: I stand for honesty, equality, kindness, compassion, treating people the way you’d want to be treated and helping those in need.”

These I note are far more Christlike in nature than the values of your organisation, which seem to mainly focus on telling people that God hates all the exact same people you appear to. You claim to stand against the exploitation of children, but I propose this  profession of yours acts merely as a “human shield” you may hide behind in order to further your religiously based, homophobic bullying tactics. Don’t pretend that your opposition of gay persons won’t harm your children. Statistics show that you “one million moms” are right at this very moment parenting about 35,000 children between you who are homosexual.

I find it particularly insidious and disappointing that it is a group of Christian women participating in this especially nasty type of bullying. It would be far more seemly for your organisation to find people and causes it is willing to support and throw its strength behind, rather than merely identifying individuals it wishes to vilify and force itself against. I have been a community advocate for many years, and I believe your campaign is nothing more than an attempt to pour your collective prejudices onto a public figure for the purposes of promoting yourselves and your ambiguous causes.

When it comes to being an example for our daughters, I  believe Ellen Degeneres is a wonderful example for my daughter of a woman with character and integrity, who has succeeded despite all kinds of opposition politically and personally, whilst enduring intense personal scrutiny the whole time. However, you – whoever you all are – choose to hide yourselves behind a faceless collective identity, which I find to be a cowardly tactic, and lacking in any integrity whatsoever.

You are behaving like bullies in a schoolground. Your behaviour in targeting Ellen has already backfired, and I believe you have gone a long way in harming community perceptions of Christianity. Particularly disappointing behaviour, considering it is coming from women, and targeted at a woman. I would have thought sisters, particularly Christians, would understand what it means to be marginalised, prejudiced against and bullied. This is all just a terrible, terrible shame.


Jo Hilder

Should you wish to write to OneMillionMoms, please use their online contact/complaint form here.

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2 thoughts on “My Letter To OneMillionMoms.

  1. Jo, I can’t thank you enough. I live in the USA and you would think that AMERICANS knowing the prejudices which occurred in our countries history would have matured and gained insight on how to better treat eachother. But no, they have just found new platforms to spew their hatred. I applaud you and your support. Hopefully in my lifetime I can be excepted and allowed to live my life openly as straight people, with no fear of threat or retribution.

    God Bless You!!

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