New House Plans

If there were a place where you didn’t have to hide your past, where everything you’d been through was a qualification and not a liability, would you move there?

If there were a place where everyone talked openly about their fragility, doubt and pain, where nobody pretended to have their shit together and there was no way to graduate to the top by being the most fixed up, the most perfect or the most clever at hiding all your flaws, would you want to live there?

If there were a place where your shame was treated like a wound which needs healing, instead of a compulsory uniform, would you be interested in being part of it?

If there were a place where it was assumed grace was Gods constant posture, towards you and everyone else, would you seek it out?

If there were a place where you didn’t have to be the strong one, where you didn’t have to hold it all together, where the buck didn’t stop with you, where it wasn’t all on your shoulders, and you could just let it all fall down, and somebody would catch you, so you could finally stop being the strong one and just let it all go, would you apply to go there?

If there were a place where someone had your kids in their sights, so you didn’t feel like you were the only one who didn’t see them as typical kids from a broken home, or a project to be taken on, or as coming from a family we don’t mix with, or didn’t see them at all, would you try and make it even if just for a while?

If there were a place like this, would it seem like somewhere you’d like to be?

Wouldn’t it be amazing if there were such a place? I think about our family after I was recovering from cancer, and I think, we could’ve found answers there. I think about me and my kids when Ben went away to rehab and nobody knew what to do with us, and I think, I know I’d have been all right there.

And I know it would be a safe, healing place for so many others.

If only we believed it were actually possible to create places like this on the earth, and the idea of profits and cost and viability and who would get to be the boss and who would pay the bills and what makes you think you’re qualified to do something like that came second, and people came first.

Not fixed up people. Broken people. First.

On earth, as it is in heaven.

We are dreaming of such a place. Because we are the most broken of all.

Love, Jo xxx

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