New York Governor Cuomo resigns in sexual harassment scandal

Ladies, it’s our fault. We “moved the line”.

Let’s be clear. “The Line” is a boundary women are forced to create to make explicit what ought to be obvious if you’re even a halfway decent human being.

Don’t sexually harass women.

If certain men would use their brains instead of their balls to think with, we’d never have had to invent a line to begin with.

The line is not our “fault”, not a spike on which men are unwitting impaled when going about their innocent business. The line is not a trap for the unwitting, or a weapon we women use to attack or ambush men because we’re bitches and hate men.

The line is a survival strategy because while it’s “not all men”, it is everywhere, all the time. The line exists because women have to assume all men are capable of violating us, until proven otherwise. The line exists as a frame of reference against which we can make clear where we end and others begin.

To blame women for being held to account for sexual harassment by accusing them of “moving the line” is to shift blame for ones own actions and the consequences of them into the victims. It’s to say “I thought violation was okay because the line has always been here, and you moved it”, rather than owning the abuse and harassment wholesale. It’s saying a little bit of sexual victimization was always okay in the past, and you’re to blame for me being held accountable when before I suffered no such consequences for my actions.

“You moved the line” disregards the fact the line has to exist because lecherous creeps do, and we have no other defense against them.

Sir, you did not hurt yourself by falling on the line you didn’t know was there. You are being held to account for actions which caused us to draw a line in the first place.
from I Am Jo Hilder