Soul Letters for the Cancer Sojourner #23 No More Dramas

No more dramas.

Promise yourself right now – I solemnly vow I will no longer create dramas for myself.

No more dramas to get what you want, and no more to avoid what you don’t.

No dramas to make people think you have something worth worrying about happening in your life, no dramas to actually create something worth worrying about.

I will not, tell yourself, use dramas as a way of making life seem meaningful and interesting. I will just go and actually do something meaningful and interesting instead.

No more “hero” dramas and no more “victim” dramas. No more “too much” dramas, and no more “not enough” dramas. No more “you hate me” or “I hate you” dramas. No more dramas about the sad, sorry past, and no more dramas about the big, scary future. No more “my life is crap, and yours is so much better” dramas. We all have so much to be grateful for.

Image credit: iStockphoto
Image credit: iStockphoto

No more dramas. No more sending all that energy down a hole. No more head-miles on things that can’t be changed. No more choosing, then choosing, then choosing again, and then forgetting where you started making choices and what the original problem even was you were trying to solve. No more talking about it on and on until it becomes something else it never was and didn’t need to ever become.

No, no more dramas. No more for you. That’s enough now, because time is short, and there’s so much to be done. No more dramas. That’s all over, forever. When you’re ready to stop, we’re ready too – ready to come and walk beside you, and with you, go anywhere you go and never leave your side. No more dramas, just promise yourself. You don’t need them any more.


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