Opening the vein where the art comes out.

“Creativity. You either have it or you don’t.”

That’s the first lie.

The second lie is “Creativity. You’re not very good at it.”

Telling someone they are good at creativity is like saying someone is good at blood.

You have blood.

You need to have it to be alive. No blood, no life.

You can’t be good at blood. You can’t be good at creativity either.  You just are bloody, just as you are boney and skin-ny and veiny and brainy.

You are creative.

You are writey and painty and drawy and dancey and singy.

Your blood – and your creativity – flow through you, keep you alive.

Deny your intrinsic bloodiness, and you still have blood whether you like it or not. Denying your bloodiness is like denying your creativity. Denying the fact we are viscerally and essentially bloody creatures is the reason people almost faint when they see blood in real life, theirs, or someone else.

Blood! Argh! I’m not looking! Cover your eyes! Nothing to see here! Look away, look away!

Denying our intrinsic creativity is also the reason we almost faint when someone opens themselves up and art comes out.

Argh! Look at what they did! Scary! Look at that creativity spurting out everywhere! Stop it! You’re making me feel sick! I think I’m going to pass out! Put it away! Put it away!

Keeping our blood all on the inside will keep us safe and keep us alive. But we never know we’re truly alive until we’ve seen just exactly what we’re made of.

Open yourself up – art will come out. It’s in you, flowing, growing and moving around. Your creativity is alive.


I’m currently participating in my friend Gabriella Salmon’s online writing course Writes Of Passage. This piece is my contribution for day 2 on creativity. To learn more about Gabriella and the Writes Of Passage course, please check out Gabs website here.

2 thoughts on “Opening the vein where the art comes out.

  1. I love this one JO…thanks
    When we open up ‘creatively’ writing, painting etc (art), or ‘living’ because we have blood we have life….and it’s safe ‘the blood’ on the inside….oh yes…but the ‘pain’ when blood flows =the pain when we expose ourselves to locked in and suddenly released ‘art-creativity’…vunerablity, brokeness….however…still a challenge either way…letting go..oh dear!!!!!

  2. Jo you have touched on another nerve …. ouch! Letting creativity out is scary stuff. It means vulnerability & exposing your heart. Fear of rejection looms larger than life. If fear is allowed to be given a voice ….. potential will never be realised. Very challenging.

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