Scott Morrison is sick.

The heat is on.

For many Australians, the relationship between Brian Houston of Hillsong and Scott Morrison has been of passing interest. And the goings on in Hillsong Church and the Australian Christian Churches organisation over the past three decades have been of little relevance. But the time is now coming so many of us have been waiting for.

The reckoning.

Brian Houston may state he is “shocked” at being charged by police for the suppression of circumstances around his father Frank’s pedophilia and his wilful decision not to bring it to the attention of police. But this is a lie. He was censured at the 2015 Royal Commission for his inaction and complacence, which cannot possibly be interpreted as ignorance, but are in absolute contravention to everything a pastor ought to do to keep congregants safe. Those of us who know how deep corruption and nepotism go within these movements fully understand that Hillsong/ACC leadership believe they have license to govern themselves apart from the law of the land, and perceive themselves to be under a higher accountability to the god they’ve manufactured to suit themselves and their agenda.

These organizations exist for no other reason than to give an elite few with delusions of pseudo-spiritual grandeur a career path to financial security and ongoing self-importance. There is nothing godly or spiritual about them in the least. Brian Houstons blithe, fawn-eyed response to his being charged with protecting his father, rather than protecting his church, is an offense to the victims of the varied abuses this institution has perpetrated across the globe, in every possible sphere; spiritual, sexual, emotional and psycho-social. But we, the victims, finally see a glimmer of hope. Someone is being held to account for their actions and inactions, and we are relieved, if not delighted. Not because we want Brian Houston to suffer, but because his being found guilty will help validate the abuses we’ve suffered; indignities, violations and actual harm we were constantly told were our own fault and had their origin in a just god who wished to disciplne and teach us some kind of fucked up life lesson.

Those of us who gave off praying a long time ago may be excused for taking it up again, as we succor justice in the court of the land for systemic crimes, abuses and injustices suffered by ourselves, and by a silent diaspora. The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God, Brian Houston.
from I Am Jo Hilder