Self-Care Is Not Selfishness

selfcareMany cancer survivors say one of the hardest things about living well after cancer is learning to put themselves, their health and the things they love or enjoy first in their lives.

It’s a tough lesson to learn – and sometimes it’s tougher for those around us to change than it is for us to decide change needs to happen. Also, we may belong to a group who taught us others always come first (I learned it was Jesus first, Others second and Yourself last which led to true J.O.Y. in life, but I’m not an advocate for that any longer), but there are no medals for those who deny themselves pleasure, rest or access to the things which make them happy.

There. Are. No. Medals.

Good self-care is not selfish, and neither is living the life you want, or need, to live to stay well and strong. Do one thing today that’s healthy, and just for you. You’re so worth it.

What do you think? How hard is it for you to put your own well-being or pleasure before that of others?


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