Some Of My Cancer Photos

Yesterday, as I was editing my blog on my 2011 Bucket List, I was looking at the photos I have on file of when I had cancer. I haven’t got many scanned in, just a few, but in the next few weeks I think I might dig some more out.

I thought perhaps you might like to see some of them.

This is me having my second chemotherapy, I think my first week back from Sydney. This day, I lost it about half an our before this pic was taken. I was in such a hysterical state, Vanessa, my chemo nurse, told me a few years later “You know, when you first came in, I thought you were going to be one of the ones who didn’t make it.” I wasn’t strong, I wasn’t brave and I wasn’t ‘battling cancer’. I was scared shitless and had no idea what was going to happen to me. This photo reminds me that no matter what someone with cancer looks like on the outside, it’s got nothing to do with whats’ happening inside.

This picture was taken a few days after the last one. This is the night my hair fell out.

We were sitting there watching TV when I put my hand to my head and out came a huge clump of my hair. The kids and I and Ben just sat there looking at each other. To try and lighten the situation, I pulled it out in handfuls and we made moustaches out of it. I have another photo not scanned in with all of us with a moustache like this one.

After about 30 minutes of this hilarious fun, and it was, Ben and I slipped out to the garage and he shaved the rest off.

This is a promotional shot I had taken to put up on my website at the time. I was selling a range of patchwork and stitching patterns and needed a picture for my site.

I look well, don’t I!

What a fetching hat. I was pretty much done with chemo at this stage I think and about to go away for radiotherapy.

This is me and some of the friends who made me the quilt you see in front of me. This quilt is my most treasured material possession and still hangs on my wall today. If the house catches fire, this baby comes out with the kids, the dog and my laptop. Husband fends for himself.

This quilt was puked on, cried into, wrapped around me as I slept alone in the hostel while I was away for two months in Sydney having radiotherapy, as well as pawed at and paraded to all and sundry everywhere I went.

This quilt is love with mitred corners.

I have others, but they’re packed away. I’ll try and get them out in the months to come, especially as the book progresses toward being finished.

Thanks for looking :0)

5 thoughts on “Some Of My Cancer Photos

  1. Thanks Jo, for sharing with us these intensely personal times. Loved the humour in there. I had some breast surgery which ended up as something other than cancer… nothing like your cancer, but it still brought out the Black humour. BLESHXO

  2. Thanks for sharing these Jo. Funny thing about when I looked and read this blog.. for the first time ever…. I read it from the bottom up!!! weird but true.. started at the end and worked my way up to the begining!!!

  3. Jo, congratulations on sharing your story. I am completely enthralled and in awe of what you have been through and how you have come through it. You share and write as if you are speaking to the reader personally and what you have disclosed I deeply respect and honour. Is the book going to be anything like this? Where will i be able to buy a copy-i am so looking forward to it, it will be a treasure i am sure! You are beautiful :o)

  4. Dear Jo,

    Have seen all these pics before but special to revisit them as part of your unique journey – you’ve come a long way babe!! Thank you for keepin’ it real and for sharing these special times so generously with us all. Just know that your story isn’t finished yet….you’ve only just begun – all power to you my amazing, talented, dynamic and outrageous friend!!

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