It’s Coming

It’s coming. I know it doesn’t feel like it right now, but it is. You could act now, spring into action, if you wanted to, trying to make things happen a little quicker, but you know you’ve tried that before. Remember how, because you were bored with waiting, you set into play a set of circumstances that made you so busy and so occupied that when the thing you were waiting for finally came, and it did you’ll remember, you were too busy to do it anyway, and it seemed to have lost it’s appeal – remember that? So it passed you by again. And then, the thing you made yourself busy with petered out, because you had no passion for it, only energy, and energy can only take you so far. And the passion was gone for a while, but then, some time after you had burned out your energy doing the thing you weren’t really interested in, your passion woke up again. You remembered what it was you wanted and wished for so much, back then, but forgot about through being busy and productive. And now, here you are again.

Your passion has never died: it’s still with you, it’s still alive. It’s still your calling, and it’s still your dream. It’s still what you were born to do, and it’s still what you will be glad you did without compromise, whatever the cost. It’s not dead, and it’s not overdue. It’s coming.

So….you could choose to get busy, and set about making it happen in your time, or you can let it take its own time and find you here, ready and waiting and primed to go. You get to choose. Just wait. It’s coming.

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