I’m available to speak to your support group or gathering, or at your event, seminar or conference on a variety of topics including cancer and survivorship, living with a mental illness diagnosis, micro-business, writing and creativity and living as a middle aged woman in a society that invented Karen and considers being an intelligent, outspoken and “woke” female grown up as a bad thing.

“A Bit Of A Weirdo” – The Leaving Hillsong Podcast by People In Glass Houses.
“Owning Your Shit” – The Date Forever Podcast by Fuel Collective.

Speaking at the Hunter Breast Cancer Forum in Newcastle, NSW, Australia in July 2013

Speaking at the Cancer Council NSW Cancer Information and Support Services Conference at Darling Harbour, Sydney, NSW in March 2013.

Small Business Video Series with David Cleverly of Digicrew Australia

TV Appearance – Rise and Shine (2008)

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“Having held senior roles in the Australian and European Events Industry for over a decade, working with many of the world’s best business and personal development speakers, including New York Times Best-Selling Authors, multi-millionaire entrepreneurs, philanthropists and other household names, it’s been necessary for me to develop a keen eye for that special “something” each truly great speaker/presenter/facilitator has. It’s a blend of integrity, charisma, experience, generosity and an absolute commitment to making an authentic connection with others All traits possessed by Jo Hilder.

“She’s smart, funny, insightful and a fearless presenter. I’ve personally seen Jo present to and/or facilitate audiences large and small with grace and magnetism.  I’ve known her for more than two decades and if you’re lucky enough to have the opportunity to have Jo speak or present to your community/group/conference/meeting, make sure you grab her with both hands.”

Michelle Falzon – We Are Content

“Jo Hilder is one of those rare individuals with both the courage and creativity to make meaning out of the trials and tribulations we each face everyday.  Through her books, blogs, music, drama and public speaking she confronts life’s issues head on and full on. Jo’s great gift is seeing it as it is and telling it like it is in a way that others can hear.

“Jo tackles difficult subjects in a way that resonates.  She shares her own experiences, bears her heart and is courageously transparent about her own faults and failings.  She has an uncanny capacity to relate to and disarm her audiences allowing the truth of her convictions to touch move and inspire us to action. Like all true prophets what Jo communicates is often raw and not always palatable, particularly for those who would prefer life comfortable, sweet and sugar coated.  Her creative gift however is the way in which she draws people in without judgement or condemnation. Her creativity opens ears to hear and hearts to receive and the depth of her wisdom, borne in the fire of her own experiences resonates in the listener, touches our heart and inspires us to action.

“I’ve known and worked with Jo in a variety of professional and creative forums over a period of nearly thirty years.  I’ve watched her endure and rise above the full gamut of life’s challenges. I’ve seen her mature from a brash, loud and opinionated rebel, into a deep thinking, deep feeling, courageous, compassionate seeker and oracle for what she sees as life’s core challenges and truths.

Jo’s faith transcends religion.  She translates her deep and personal relationship with God into messages for the everyday.  She is totally unafraid to confront hypocrisy, even her own.  She is a compassionate stand for the untouchable, the unmentionable and the underdog and encourages, exhorts and inspires everyone she meets to live a life that has meaning and makes a difference.

If you are ready and willing to be challenged, to be touched, to moved and inspired, seek Jo out in print, online and in person.  Your effort will be well rewarded!!!”

Paul Macklin – Artist and Teacher, Finding Your Way