Taking away the sins of the world.

I’ve been wanting to write this piece for days, but just didn’t know how. I wanted to write how we can be like Jesus and take away the sins of the world just by loving people. It makes me fall back in wonder how sin just seems to disappear when we throw ourselves across the line and decide to see and accept people as they are, smothered in grace, as just like us, as born that way, as perfect and wonderful and amazing… it’s a miracle, really it is. Not that others miraculously change when you love them – but that loving others miraculously changes you. Love is such a radical act of faith.


“Love doesn’t mean accepting people just as they are. It doesn’t mean ignoring their sin and letting them think they can get away with what they’re doing right out in the open, without any shame.”

Yes, it does.

“Love isn’t holding back from telling people they are going to hell because of what they do, it isn’t love to just walk away from that.”

Yes, it is.

“It isn’t love to just accept it when someone says “I was born this way”, when I believe God’s word clearly says something different.”

Yes, it is.

“That’s not loving someone when you refuse to confront their sinful choices and challenge their disgusting lifestyle.”

Yes, it is.

“It’s not love to just let people think falling in love with someone the same gender is okay.”

Yes, it is.

“It’s not love to just let go of all our beliefs about this. It’s not love to support their rights.”

Yes, it is.

“It’s not love to treat someone as if they are not a sinner, when they are.”

Yes, it is.

“How is that okay? How is it okay to just *let go* of all your beliefs about what is and what isn’t sin? How is it *loving someone* to just stop seeing them as a disgusting, perverted sinner and stop treating them that way? How is it loving someone to just not care any more about that?”

It is okay. It is loving them.

“Well, you just can’t do that. You don’t get to just – well – *do it differently*. It’s not okay to just *take away* the sins of the world, you know. YOU JUST CAN’T DO THAT.”

That’s right. How freeing to realize there is nothing to do but love one another. And somehow, this love does miracles. It takes away sin. We begin to see people as their Maker sees them. Wonderful, worthy and perfect, just as they are.

Some say Jesus had great courage. Some say He was insane. But His most courageously insane act was one of love.

John 1:29. “Behold, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world.”

Love, Jo xxx

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