Terrible and Good

God is good. He is love. He loves the world, and loves His creation. He loves us. God so loved the world, He gave His son to us to do with whatever we would do with Him.

And we did with Him whatever we would do with him. We listened to him. We baulked at him. We tried to lay hands upon him and we accused him. And in the end, we led him like a lamb to the slaughter. And it was terrible.

But God is also terrible. He too is violent. He is powerful. At times, he appears arbitrary. And as the beavers tell Susan in Narnia when she asks if Aslan the lion is safe, he is not safe. No, God is not safe.

But He is good.

And we too, are capable of goodness. We are capable of kindness and mercy and compassion and acceptance. We can do it, but this good we sometimes will to do, we do not do. Instead, we capture and crucify the epitome of goodness, the expression of the very best of God and of us. We beat him and scorn him and bruise him, because we are beaten and scorned and bruised. We forget that it is not the capacity for instilling terror we ought to draw upon when we are afraid, but our capacity for expressing love.

We are terrible. We are good. Made in the image of God.

But we are not alone. Because God too is capable of both extreme violence and extreme mercy. And because of this, our sins are not too difficult for Him to forgive, nor are they too difficult for Him to comprehend.

We fear God, and we love Him too, and rightly so.

Blessed be the name of the Lord.

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