The Book Of the Brave. Acknowledge your resistance.

I know you feel it, I know you hear it. I know it’s there right here, right now.

I understand, believe me. That urge you have to push and scowl and leave, the words of indignance and assertion of your stance and your beliefs. The reasons why they can’t, and you certainly never, ever could.

I get it. You think it’s you, don’t you? You believe it’s true, and just, and perfectly okay, all these reasons you don’t make yourself free, is that right?

It’s not you, my love. It’s resistance.

Resistance is the chatter in your brain constantly narrating all your brave efforts to break free or go further and deeper or be the best or do something interesting and exciting and new. You may know it by its other name – the inner critic. You may also recognise resistance by its stage name – the devil.

Resistance works all day long churning out a constant stream of commentary about how alone, broken and faulty you are, about how nobody else feels the way you do, about how all change and progress, creative endeavour and deep, spiritual inner work is stupid, dangerous and risky and absolutely not worth the effort, ever, so please stop right now.

But resistance is not God and it’s not the devil. Resistance is not even your true voice. You don’t need to fight resistance. You don’t need to fear it, and you don’t need to wage battle against it. It’s not a mean critic to be chastised or cursed – it’s just a ragged gaggle of scared, small children, riding in your emotional minivan, with only you to help them understand everything is going to be all right.

Get on back there, mama, papa, and check those frightened feelings are strapped in well. Give them all a sweet kiss on their foreheads, and a warm, smiley hug. And you say, just hold on little ones, don’t you worry about a thing. I’ve got this, and I’ve got you. Everything is going to be just fine.

Now get behind the wheel, sweetheart, and steer this minivan back on the road. You have work to do.


From the upcoming “The Book Of The Brave” by Jo Hilder

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