The Book Of The Brave. Courage is a mirror.

Courage is recognising you nurse deep insecurities, and a startling capacity to resist change, and sitting with this knowledge with generosity and tenderness instead of judgement and loathing.

Courage is pouring your own patient understanding on the fact you’ve always struggled to forgive yourself and others, and still harbour a deep-seated inability to rest in your own sweet company.

Courage is remembering how you blamed others for hurting you and realising you caused as much hurt, and the latter gives you far more distress than the former.

You have it in you, sweet dreamer, to cover all these transgressions with love, particularly the ones you committed against yourself.

Shame would have you run from all you see when you examine yourself truthfully, but perfect love drives out all fear. Courage, my friend, is a mirror.

Fear is a liar always, but a mirror never is.

You've heard my thoughts, now throw me yours...