The Book Of the Brave. Telling Your Truth.

Here’s what I’ve learned, my lovely, here’s what I know.

If you tell the truth, not just see it, suspect it, silently know it and keep silent, but tell it, your life will change.

Some truth telling will change things quickly. You’ll find yourself having confrontations and conversations you’d rather not have. You’ll lose friends, and have decisions made about you in an instant, and some of those decisions will come from anger and fear, because that’s what truth can do to people. And you’ll have to live with the consequences of that. You might wish at times you kept your mouth shut or just went with it, rather than speaking the truth. But you’ll know in your heart the truth sets people and situations free. And you need to be free, and you want that for others, too.

Sometimes your truth telling will act like a slow unravelling. You’ll see your life begin to change trajectory as you no longer make those small compromises or tolerate injustice and falsehood and pretense. Life becomes simpler, less complex, as justifications and rationalizations become redundant. When you know what you know, and it is what it is, and that is always enough, you save a lot of time and energy you once wasted on other things like putting up with abuse you convinced yourself you deserved (not true), allowing compromises you felt powerless to change (also not true) and avoiding confrontations you believed would end you (definitely not true).

The greatest lie is your belief if you told the truth you would be unable to cope with the consequences. The fact is, every day, in small, imperceptible ways, you are inviting far more complexity and difficulty into your life than you can possibly imagine by the simple act of not voicing and living your truth. When you live a lie, you do not avoid unhappiness and fear and stress. You mortgage yourself to it. You literally sign a contract agreeing to invest in it over a protracted period, and you pay with installments of little pieces of your soul.

From upcoming The Book Of The Brave, by Jo Hilder

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