The Book Of the Brave. The Lie.

So what is the lie?

What is the deep untruth that began with the shaming of your body, the quelling of your curiosity and creativity, and the undermining of your courage?12187868_10206872968599477_5065331810149870299_n

What really happened when they convinced you shame was more appropriate for you than freedom and courage and authenticity?

What occurred in those moments when you were convinced you were both too much and not enough?

What is the essential lie that conceived your darkest fear, a fear you confront even now as you stand at the threshold of change, growth, healing and wholeness?

The lie goes like this.

“You don’t know.”
“You don’t know so many things.”
“You don’t know who you are.”
“You don’t know or understand anything, or anyone.”
“You can’t be trusted to know or see things or others as they really are.”
“You need us to tell you and show you.”
“You need us to teach you what to do.”
“You need us to lead you.”
“You need us to tell you about yourself, and the way things are.”
“You have no power. Come and bargain for it.”

– From the upcoming The Book Of The Brave, by Jo Hilder

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