The Book Of The Brave. The power of storytelling.

There is a fable which says there was a little boy who experienced a terrible rejection from his tribe, and in his heart believed he suffered a great injustice.

Unable to resolve the problem, he was forced to leave and fled into the jungle, where he sat on a log, vacillating between crying in loneliness and sorrow, and cursing the others for the way he was treated.

Along came a little monkey, and when he saw and heard the boy crying and cursing, asked him “What’s the matter? What happened to you?”

The boy, glad to finally have an ear willing to hear his side of the story, poured out the sad tale. The monkey sat beside him and listened long and hard. “Oh, that’s so sad.” said the monkey to the boy. “Will you come with me and tell all the other monkeys what happened to you?”

So the boy and the monkey went back hand in hand to the monkey tribe, where the boy went from monkey to monkey telling his story again and again and again.

When the boy had told all the monkeys about the terrible things that happened to him, his monkey friend asked him, “So, tell me, why is it you’re here in the jungle with the monkeys? What is stopping you from going home to your tribe?”

The boy replied “I can’t remember.” And went home.

There is great power in storytelling, even if those stories are true, our truth, and hard for others to hear.

There is also great healing in being allowed a safe space to share our truth, however, and however frequently, we want to share it, because that process brings us closer and into a deeper recognition of our own wisdom and our own answers.

Sometimes we get to be the boy. Sometimes we get to be the monkey.


From the upcoming “The Book Of The Brave” by Jo Hilder

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